Thursday, December 14


Some may find this image shocking or even offensive, but that just shows that we live in a different world from the one in which the cartoonist lived eighty seven years ago in 1919. Most of the young folk back then, like generations before them, had never left their native town or village until being sent as cannon fodder to the trenches of Belgium and France during the great war. Most had never seen a coloured face before then and racism was something which was taught to them by the US troops they fought alongside. And before the PC brigade start shouting at me I am not and never have been racist. When you look at his clothes and cane I wonder maybe whether the artist was insulting the upper class as much as the race. I think you just have to accept that this was part of our history and not try to gloss it over or airbrush it out. Which I have seen done with some of our great figures from history lately, such as Winston Churchill losing his trademark cigar or De-Gaulle his cigarette. Hey maybe I should have airbrushed out the cigar! The picture is taken from one of the autograph books I wrote of on Thursday 7th in Forgotten Treasures
(Those with a strong stomach can click to enlarge and read the text.)

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Bill said...

I have to agree with you Bob. Its a real shame the world has gone the way it has. I certainly will be wishing everyone as Merry Christmas and don`t believe in this PC crap. In fact it inspired a little promo for a bit of a laugh. I doubt I`ll broadcast it on my radio program but it can be found at this link if anyone wants to comment on it.