Friday, November 17

Shabby FM

I do wish Barrow's new local radio station Abbey FM would get their act together and get some proper local news and not repeat the same stuff time after time. All day today we have had to put up with the breathlessly exited female newsreader telling us that someone has had a jacket nicked from a car on Barrow's Church St. She goes on excitedly imploring us for information and witness's to this dastardly crime. I know some people say that Barrow is a bit of a backwater with a low crime rate but surely we have more going on than this. Or maybe it was one of Abbey FMs staff who had the jacket nicked. Next thing we will be getting told when the traffic newsreader's mother is crossing Abbey Rd so we can all slow down.


Peggy said...

I lost my Let it Bleed CD ages ago. I think it was nicked. These things don't just "disappear". Do you think they'd broadcast a search for it?

Bob said...

Yes I'm sure they could move the "dogs fouling the pavement spotlight"just to make room for that.