Friday, November 17

Nuclear Arms

What's going on here I thought when I dropped of down Barrow's Ramsden Dock Rd this morning. The place was crawling with police, being naturally nosy I went a bit closer thinking maybe I would take a photo of whatever was going on. But as I drew closer I noticed that the police cars were nice new shiny silver ones and not the clapped out blue and white bangers that our local bobby's have to plod around in. Closer still and then I saw that they were carrying big black guns, and that they didn't didn't look all that welcoming. I decided against the photo and quickly did a u-turn , closely watched by at least fifty pairs of unfriendly eyes. It turns out that I had arrived just as the town’s first ever road shipment of Plutonium-based Mox nuclear fuel was due to be delivered for shipment on the Atlantic Osprey. Glad I got out of there when I did 1.25 tonnes of nuclear fuel and dozens of guns somehow make me feel a little uneasy.

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