Monday, November 27

Hairy Beauty

Lot's of young girls lately when I take them to the local college tell me that they are doing a hair and beauty course there, it seems to be a very popular choice. Some of them tell me they hope to work on cruise liners when they qualify, and" see the world and get paid for it" they say to me. Well maybe I'm being cynical but I can't help but think that some of them are being seduced by the glamour and think that they are going for the easy option, well they may be in for a shock. The many hairdressers and beauticians that I pick up regularly, tell me of long hours and hard work and of being on their feet for hours on end. As for the exotic life on the ocean wave traveling the world on cruise liners, well I've spoken with lasses that have tried that, and they tell me the story's of never getting ashore because of overwork, poor cabins below decks and being treated like dirt by snooty passengers. But I must admit it seems to be a growing trend in Barrow with beauty salons seeming to be springing up on every street corner. I just wonder how many folks in our, well lets face it mainly working class town go in for a hot stone massage or a reiki or Indian head massage, as I see advertised outside some of these posh shops.

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Keith said...

Of course they could always be covers for "other" sorts of massage tee hee