Sunday, November 26

Big Spend

Well this weekend the Christmas shopping frenzy has started in earnest, with all three of the bigger supermarket's being swamped with folk eager to get rid of their hard earned cash. Both Tesco and Asda have finished their multi-million pound makeovers, and today I sneakily used Tescos as yet unopened new road and entrance to North Rd, and the verdict; great it will smooth traffic flow no end. The new first floor is great, but being open twenty-four hours I would warn drunks against popping in on the way home especially if you are carrying your plastic, you may wake up next day at home and wonder how the forty-two inch wide screen telly got there. Asda seems to be attracting a lot of blind deaf motorists, OK they may miss the huge signs and markings which tell them TAXIS ONLY and stop in our bay by mistake. But when I draw alongside them and shout and point at the signs, they neither hear or see me, they just seem to stare blankly ahead.

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