Wednesday, November 22

Deflated Ego

Today I was left scratching my head and wondering whether I had been insulted or not, what do you think? here's the tale. Now and again when I pick a fare up, they will look at me for a while as if they recognise me. Sometimes they say something and other times they aren't too sure and I see them glancing at me sideways for the whole journey, and then they tend to hesitate just before they get out the cab, and then some take this last chance to satisfy their curiosity. Others just get out and leave it at that, other times the boots on the other foot and I think I know the fare from somewhere, but every time this happens with me I will ask them and I have had some good chats about past times with folk. Today a guy did the usual sidelong glances and then he asked if my name was Bond, no I replied why? He went on to ask me loads more questions about which school I went to and where I was brought up. I'm sure I went to school with you he kept saying, and seemed to think I was telling lies and that I really was his long lost schoolmate. But later he mentioned that it was his birthday at Christmas, and this is when I didn't know whether to feel insulted it's his ninety fourth birthday!


Phin said...

I shouldn't worry. He must have a screw loose. How many 94-year-old taxi drivers does he think there are?

Bob said...

Some of us feel 94 after a bad shift!

Peggy said...

Man, that's gotta sting. We have to think that this older man just had a screw loose as Phin said OR he has a wicked sense of humour and is cracking up as he tells that story to his pals. "You should have seen the look on the cabby's face . . . ."