Thursday, November 23

£180.000 Parking Jackpot

The folk who operate the pay and display car park at Barrow's Furness General hospital must be rubbing their hands together and jumping up and down with delight. What a windfall the recently painted double yellow lines on nearby Dalton Lane must be for them. At least sixty extra cars will be forced to pay to park on the hospital's expensive car park, that's a minimum extra income of £300 per day, £2100 per week, £9000 a month and a staggering grand total of £108.000 a year. Quite why the yellow lines were put there is a mystery, no problems that I can think of would justify this unjustified and unwanted parking ban. It's not as if the patients and staff who parked there caused any problems for local residents, very few houses front onto this part of the road and the ones that do have huge drives.


Bill said...

I was in Manchester a few week ago and they have double RED lines down there. Never seen them before. Wonder what they mean


Mark said...

they have those double red lines down in london too... double red means no stopping, no matter what!

Bill said...

SO what do you do if you break down and cant stop


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