Sunday, October 22


It's obvious to me after driving around after dark , that the new Fireworks laws are made to be broken. Every night now for the last week or so impromptu fireworks party's are seen and heard all over town, most of which seem to coincide with groups of people coming home from the pub. What I always notice is that it seems that the rougher the estate the bigger and louder the fireworks. Talking to local folk about this I have been told that every estate has it's "dodgy dealer" who sells fireworks, mostly of the type which are now illegal to sell to the public. None of these "dodgy dealers" is licenced of course despite the threat of six months goal or a £5000 fine and they will sell anything to anyone regardless of age or if they are intoxicated. I have been told of one character who keeps his huge stock of fireworks in a wooden shed along with gas bottles for his barbecue and petrol for his mower. Mmm I'll have to keep an eye on that estate , might be a good display this year.
The following is a notice that is sent out to all pharmacists at this time of year, now myself I would have thought that they shouldn't be selling this stuff at any time of the year.

"With the approach of the fireworks season, pharmacists are reminded not to sell any of the following substances: chlorates, nitrates, magnesium, potassium permanganate, sulphur, powdered aluminium and phosphorus, unless they are satisfied that they are required for a proper purpose and will not be used for making explosives or fireworks."
"Pharmacists are reminded that fireworks should not be sold from the pharmacy."


Peggy said...

Some would think that warning notice that was sent to the pharmacists could be used as a shopping list for homemade fireworks.

Myself I can only think of evil applications for potasium permanganate. ;-)

Bob said...

Never tasted it myself, but I could think of a few people I may like to test it on.

Keith said...

The fireworks round here are mainly down to the festival of Diwali which seems to go on forever. Saturday night, apart from the lack of bonfires, it was like Guy Fawkes night.