Saturday, October 21

Another Earner

Another good little earner is in the pipeline for our local councils, completely automatic traffic cameras to catch drivers blocking box junctions or ignoring road signs could be introduced across England and Wales.
The government is considering rolling out the use of the cameras already in place in London, where one million drivers were fined last year. Councils in England and Wales could begin using the cameras from 2008. Road campaigners said the move could be seen as a "revenue raiser" rather than a traffic flow and safety measure.
A Department of Transport spokesman said there would be a consultation next year on giving local authorities the powers. "We do not know how many will take up the powers, but we do not anticipate that many" Who are they trying to kid it's a foregone conclusion that if local councils are offered the revenue from this they will be queueing up to have them installed. I myself must see at least ten drivers a day doing things which would earn them this automatic £100 penalty and don't believe for one minute that any council would look this gift horse in the mouth.


neil h said...

Hoorah! Let's tax stupid drivers who are incapable of following the rules of the road.

Bob said...

why do you know some?