Tuesday, July 18

Red Light Fever

The new traffic lights at the junction of Abbey Rd and Dalkeith St are up and running now, not that some people have noticed. I have counted at least four near misses now as people drive straight through the red lights without even noticing that they are there. Maybe it’s because they have been driving that route for so long that they do it on autopilot, and since there are no signs to say that we have a new set of lights they just don’t notice. I have found that if you are unlucky enough to hit every one of the seven sets of lights on red at junctions and crossings it can now take up to sixteen minutes from Tesco roundabout till the last set of lights at the Strawberry. This is to cover the grand distance of one and a half miles, this takes us back to the times of the horse and cart makes me wonder what with today’s fuel prices it might be worth thinking about investing in a horse drawn cab. Do you have to stop at the red lights I wonder and can the traffic warden ticket a horse?

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wil said...

I was on patrol and watched a city crew place a new stop sign at an intersection. A while later I was passing thru the intersection and was nearly broadsided by that same crew. They had forgotten that a new stop sign existed, even though they were the ones who put it there. Go figure.