Monday, July 17

Nella Last

I wondered what was going on when I dropped a fare off near Barrows Parade St today, what with a crowd of people in forties dress and cars from the same period. Being the nosey devil that I am I drove round a few times and asked someone what was going on. Turns out that they are making a TV drama based on the true-life wartime diaries of Nella Last and so I will be eagerly waiting for that to appear on TV. It was great to see how they recreated the forties for the day by covering the road markings and even painting doors and covering up modern features on people’s houses, even Duddons tyre depot became Vickers shipyard for the day. I read a few extracts of Nella diaries on the BBC website and think I will try to find a copy of the book.
Here an extract
"Wednesday 7 May: Nella heard that a friend was killed in a bombing raid on Barrow.
Poor Kathleen has gone - went the other night in that direct hit in Hawcoat Lane. I'm not a melting woman but I felt for one split second that I'd melt and pour out of my clothes. Kathie Thompson - the sweetest and most loveable and only 21 now. We are, indeed, all in the firing line.
There were public shelters in Barrow for only 3,500 people - out of a population of 70,000. As a direct result of the Blitz, 83 people were killed and 330 injured; 10,000 houses were damaged."


wil said...

I never knew that the blitz went that far north. Thanks for upgrading my education.

Bill said...

Barrow had it bad in 1941 and you can find out more on my website at look for The Memory Bank and donated photos.

TUFFENUF said...

That is interesting, can't wait to see that on television.

Barnze said...

Looks like a good bit of tele.