Friday, June 2


Here's a webcam which should get interesting on a Friday and Saturday nights. It is in the market town of Newbury in Berkshire and one of the views is  a hotspot for trouble, a taxi rank next to two burger vans located near to the nightlife.


wil said...

At this time of the year, it really doesn't get "dark" there. Does it?

Kind of a transitional twilight from dusk to dawn.

Dogbait said...

It's a hotspot alright. It looks sunny and warm!

Anonymous said...

They even have a weekend tent fair selling veggies and whatnot!

Get to watch them set up the tents... it all looks very pictaresque and quaint from this side of the pond.

Len said...

Great cam. A little slice of Barrow. More cams(if possible) please.