Friday, June 2

Night Fight

A passenger was telling me about a fight which took place in one of our supermarkets (Tesco) last night. Apparently a drunken couple started to argue with other customers at the checkout and this developed into a full-scale fight with groceries being used as weapons and vegetables being thrown at staff.
I took this with a pinch of salt and had forgotten about it until about half an hour later when I overheard two more passengers talking about it. I asked them and they said pretty much the same thing, adding that it took place between two and three in the morning. This leaves me thinking has it got something to do with the new twenty-four-hour sale of alcohol in these large supermarkets. One of my fares who works nights in one of these places tells me that that even in the dead of night he regularly sees teenage mothers with babes in arms shopping for cheap cider and wine. If this is the way things are going I wonder about the safety of the staff and customers, and think maybe they should be spending some of the massive profits they make on better security.

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