Monday, May 8


I took a guy through to Ulverston today and he was telling me that he was in the army and had recently returned from a tour in Iraq. He told me that a lot of soldiers are fed up with the political correctness that has started to find its way into army life. Apparently the old idea of the sergeant shouting or even swearing at new recruits is now frowned upon and a lot feel that this is undermining discipline and in a combat situation could endanger life.
But what did shock me was when he told me that they no longer keep a record of confirmed kills on a soldier’s service record. I wasn’t aware they did and if so that’s one that should definitely be consigned to the history books. He then went on to tell me that he had two confirmed kills and I found myself not knowing how to react to that. At the end of the day that’s what these guys are trained and paid to do but no congratulations from me sorry.

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PHOTO said...

I think in the US they only do that for snipers. I really didn't want to know when I was in the service.