Tuesday, May 9


I took a guy round to the Court building today and he had a bag packed and his stereo with him. Are you off somewhere I asked little thinking that he would reply" yes I'm going to jail". Maybe not I said you may get off yet, no he said, "I have been found guilty already and this is for sentencing and they have said it’s pretty certain that it’s time in jail". Not a lot I could say after that I could see that he was worried and nervous, but as they say, if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.


wil said...

he had a bag packed and his stereo with him

In the jurisdictions that I am familiar with, those items would be confiscated and returned on his release.

bob said...

It may be the same over here I don't know but I think the guy was a beginer anyway.

Anonymous said...

read the magistrate's blog for some postings about people who turn up for sentencing with their weekend bag already packed: http://thelawwestofealingbroadway.blogspot.com/