Tuesday, May 23


Today was one of the few occasions when I was lost for words, I usually have no problems understanding any nationality, but today the two lasses who got in the back of the cab might as well have been speaking Martian. In the end, they had to point to where they wanted to go. They started to talk to each other and it dawned on me that they were Irish, I’m usually Ok with the Irish brogue but the accent was one I had never heard before. Still we got there in the end, but this reminds me of the drunken lady I picked up a while back one day.
She was so drunk that she could not speak at all and she just waved her hands in the direction that she wanted to go. When we eventually got to her house she wasn’t capable of counting the fare so she just threw her bag at me to get the cash out myself. Next comes the bit I was worried about there was no way she could walk and I didn’t fancy carrying her into her house, you never know what you may be accused of later. After banging on a few doors, I managed to get some neighbours to help her in. If this is the state she gets in the middle of the afternoon I wouldn’t like to see her at night.


TUFFENUF said...

Bob, I regularly read your blog and I enjoy it very much. You have such and interesting take on the everyday events! Thanks! Keep up the good blogging!

PHOTO said...

You do meet the most interesting people. Thanks for an excellent blog that lets us look at another world.

Lugosi said...

Speak for yourself. I wouldn't mind meeting her. I'm desperate.