Friday, May 26

oop North

A fare today was telling me that she was a barrister on business up from London and that it was her first time oop north. “Well what do you think” I asked,” well I was baffled when none of the taxis stopped when I hailed them I had to take the number off the side and ring for one” she said. I explained that most cabs here are private hire and that most hackney cabs also work for company’s when not on the rank. Then she went on to say (which a lot of visitors also say) how green it was and that she had been expecting a grey industrial town. At that point we were going down from the top of Hawcoat looking over Walney towards the Isle of Man, and she was impressed by the fabulous views of the miles of empty sandy beaches. “I bet it gets busy during the summer” she said and was very surprised when I told her that we get very few visitors.” Well someone wants their butt kicking “she said anywhere else and they would be promoting it for all they were worth.


wil said...

You really don't have a "tourist season"?

Seems like a perfect mecca for those who want to get away from the larger metro areas.

Mark said...

seems like those southerners still think we're all wearing tweed suits and flat caps up north... and we're full of choice phrases such as 'aye up love. trouble at mill' etc etc.