Tuesday, May 16

Hot Brick

First job for me this morning was a trip down to Manchester airport to collect a fare. Before I got the job three or four drivers threw it back like a hot brick when it was offered to them. This was because the job was to collect someone from the airport and there’s always the risk of a delayed flight or even a no pick-up leading to a two hundred mile wild goose chase. Luckily I recognised the name of the fare and so knew it was genuine. The guy had the good sense to arrange to be picked up from one of the airport hotels (what a stroke of genius) and this made it really easy to find and collect him from one of the countries busiest airports.
He had flown in from Australia via Singapore which is a heck of a long flight and one I wouldn’t fancy myself but he seemed quite chirpy but I guess the jet lag will hit him soon enough.

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Dogbait said...

Bob, we've done that trip 6 times now, either through S'pore or Hong Kong as we have friends in Chesterfield. I can tell you 13 hour flights aren't fun anymore so we always have a stopover in one of those Asian cities. We only ever did the full 24 hour flight once with an hour break in Bangkok and that was murder.