Wednesday, May 17

Free Samples

My day off today and so I had a wonder to the visiting French market which is being held in the town square and quite a good one it was too. Two of the local professional cider tasters (alcoholics) were wondering round and I overheard them at various stalls asking for free samples, the French stallholders wisely decided to forget any English they knew. They seemed to quickly remember it again when paying customers needed serving.
Couldn’t help but notice that the fairly new stone paving is loose and dangerous in places, why this is I don’t know because the square is not overused a lot of my passengers complain that it’s like a wind tunnel. If these expensive surfaces are used surely they must be kept maintained, but I find the same in a lot of areas of the town centre, grants are used to put down these surfaces and then they haven’t the money to maintain them.

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Dogbait said...

They'll maintain them when someone gets hurt and sues!