Tuesday, April 4

Prison Guide

I like to listen to people's regional accents and try to guess whereabouts they are from. Today I guessed correctly that my fare was from Salford straight after him saying where he was going to. He was that impressed that I had said Salford and not nearby Manchester that he decided to give me the full low down on all the prisons he had been in. It was like an insider's guide with the good and bad points of Her Majesty’s accommodation from all over the country. Apparently Armley jail in Leeds is best avoided" the screws don’t like you if you aren’t a tyke". And our local jail Haverigg "is just a holiday camp" compared to most. I wish I had have written it down now you never know when it may come in useful.


RipSkater said...

Many thanks, Bob.

I was debating where to stay in the Leeds area, and with your latest information I can now cross Armley jail off my list. Please let us know when the entire guidebook is ready. :-)

Thanks again, from the law-abiding

wil said...

I can see it now,

The Salford Gaol Guide

Don't go to court without it. :)