Saturday, April 22

Car Hunt

I went on a hunt the car mission this morning, about the third in the last month or two. I had picked a guy up who had been out drinking till the early hours and now he had decided it was time to pick the car up. As with the rest he was full of confidence that it was just a straight forward taxi to the car and then drives it home, and just like the others his face fell a mile when the car was not where he thought it was. So it was a blank expression for a minute or two then he exclaims “I know" and directs me to another pub car park two miles away, but of course the same thing happens there also. He gets increasingly panicked as we try another two places where he thinks he may have left his car. But at the last place we try and with £9.00 on the meter there is his car, great big smiles from him until he puts his hand in his pocket for the keys. "Dohh! "

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wil said...

When I was a cop, I responded to a stolen vehicle call. As I pull up, this guy is standing in the middle of the road, turning in circles, pointing what appeared to be an ignition key at every car on the street. Obviously very intoxicated.

"What's the problem friend?"

"Can't find my @#$&*% car."

"Where'd you last see it?"

"Right here at the end of my @#$&*% keys!"

Found the car and he took a cab home.