Sunday, April 2

Buggy Rage

This area seems to becoming a hot bed of electric buggy rage, In StAnnes Lancs a 76-year-old man was questioned by police after driving into a group of shoppers and then lashing out with his walking stick. In Kendal a babies pram was wrecked when it was hit by a buggy in a supermarket aisle. Finally, in Broad Ing Cumbria a 77-year-old lady was hit and knocked to the ground. I have myself noticed pensioners on souped up buggy's trying to run over our much loved local pigeons on Dalton Rd. Now I believe that the Department of Transport is considering driving tests for them, good idea make them all use Taxis!


Dogbait said...

Bob, totally unrelated but the clock on your Weather Underground label is way out but the weather seems right(cold)

bob said...

Yes I think maybe it is not updated to often.

wil said...

How about getting your city leaders to establish a "buggy raceway", maybe at the carpark with the "wall" you showed earlier.

There could be sanctioned "Drag races". A slalom course, etc.

You get the idea.

It could be a big "to do" in the summer and, if promoted right, would become a tourist attraction.

Just an idea.

bob said...

Good idea I may even enter myself