Monday, April 3

Black Gold

I noticed today that a coal truck had lost part of its load on Greengate St. Not that many years ago people would have appeared with buckets and carried it off. But no not nowadays it was just left to be crushed under the wheels of passing traffic. I wonder how many people would actually know how to light a coal fire in this age of push button central heating.


BILL said...

Coal Fires, brings back memories. Mother still has one and has it lit every day in winter. Nice and cosy and warm.

wil said...


Your "Southlakes Web Site" is really interesting.

I spent almost an hour looking at all the photographs, new and old. Didn't "touch the tip of the iceberg". I'll be back!

I had an aunt & uncle that lived in Utah, just north of Salt Lake City, whose home was coal heated.

This was back in the late '50's or early '60's.

I helped him shovel coal into the hopper and he showed me how the auger fed the coal into the furnace.

Looking back now, I'm glad I wasn't there when it was time to clean the furnace. Yuck. :)

Joann said...

My first husband was from Scotland and they would add a few pieces of coal to the wood in the fireplace. Nice.

Bill said...

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