Tuesday, March 14

Party Food

Some of the old folk I pick up say the strangest things, one old lass today was on her way to the dentist.
” I'll have to get my teeth fixed today” she said” us pensioners are having the Mayor for tea” (Which thinking about it afterwards doesn't seem such a bad idea at all, there must be lots of local politicians who would make a good meal for our pensioners) Then she went on to tell me that you can now get goose grease locally and that heated and mixed with a bit of camphor it would make an ideal chest rub. 
With a serious expression she said” it works you know you don't see geese with colds”.


wil said...


QUOTE:"(Which thinking it about afterwards doesn’t seem such a bad idea their must be lots of local politicians who would make a good meal for our pensioners) "

If you run short, let me know. I have a lot that I would gladly offer up for the feast from this side of the "pond." :)

Barnze said...

She ain't heard about bird flu then!

Cecilia said...


I often wondered how politicians would taste like...eeks..