Monday, March 13

Fun in the snow

This is how my fun Sunday in the snow went. When I looked out of the window and saw the scene at six thirty and my first thought was let’s forget it and go back to bed. But my conscience got the better of me and I decided that as I live on a steep hill if the car got me to the top of it I would go out to work. It did so and so off I slid very slowly towards my first job in Newbarns. On the way there the only person I saw was a young lady obviously a refugee from Saturday night; she was walking very gingerly down the middle of the road still wearing her high heels and short skirt, she looked freezing. The next few jobs were even more girls who had fallen asleep on friends couches that’s what they always insist on telling me. Then the highly delighted guys in the 4x4s started to leap out off bed to try out their toys in the snow. Next it was the turn of the people with sledges. I don’t know who was the most frightened on the several times that I was confronted by them coming down the hill while I was struggling up. A while later the streets started to look like Crufts as every bemused pooch in Barrow was dragged out by their owners looking for an excuse to play out in the snow. I got a bit fed up with the standard “are you busy then” question I mean how can you be busy when you are crawling along at five or ten miles per hour. The conditions got that bad that it was decided that we would charge a slightly higher rate which is only sense when you do the maths if you’re travelling at a fourth of your normal speed you end up doing only a fourth of the work. Even though we were risking our necks never mind our cars which are our livelihood. We still had a few moans usually from the people that have a car on the drive and live at the top of a steep hill. They wouldn’t risk driving down it themselves but still expect us to do so.


wil said...

from the list on this link (scroll down) which location would be closest to you? This way I can add that to my weather watch locations.

Most 4x4ers don't do well on dry pavement. Adverse conditions make them even worse. The old "Here, hold my beer and watch this" syndrome.

wil said...

You can e-mail it to me

Dogbait said...

A few years back, TP and I arrived back in England in December from the continent in our campervan and stayed in Ashford, Kent for a couple of days. We decided on a jog in the morning and wondered why we were getting nowhere until we realised we were trying to run on solid ice on the road. Wow, that was an experience.

bob said...

Wil I can see Walney Island out of my window now so i guess that would be the closest to me.
dogbait a campervan is definately the best way to see Europe I have done it a few times.