Saturday, March 25

Busy Saturday

Saturday was a lot busier than usual, maybe because it was a pay week or the fact it was mothers day the following day.
I was unlucky enough to get a job going to Tesco (one of our local supermarkets) when it gets busy like this we usually drop off and pick up at a nearby bus stop.
Unfortunately for me the lady explained that she could not walk from the bus stop and to the doors and so I had to take her the few hundred yards through the car park.
It took me a total of forty five minutes to get her to the door and then to get out again. All this for a grand total of two pounds, but what else can you do in the circumstances.
This bottleneck puts people under a lot of stress which shows by the bad tempered manner of some drivers. What I ask will happen when (as surely it will) someone suffers a heart attack or is seriously ill or even worse a major fire starts.
How are the ambulances or fire engines to get through? The answer is they won't and it may take lives to be lost before this is sorted out once and for all.

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