Thursday, February 2

Scouse Trip

A while back now I had a job to pickup some people from Ulverston and take them to Liverpool airport. When I arrived at the address the people turned out to be a couple with no luggage, which I found strange. I asked them to pay up front and about the lack of luggage. Well the guy said we don’t really want to go to the airport we just said that for convenience it’s not far from there though. He paid me and told me he would direct me once we got off the motorway and into Liverpool. They were a bit of an odd couple with him being older and from this area she being a true scouse who swore every other word. I listened to them argue all the way down the motorway about nowt in particular and just as they were about to drive me mad at last we turned off the motorway. The guy started to give me directions which seemed to take us in circles several times this caused more arguments between them and it was decided that the lady( and I use the term loosely) would direct me the rest of the way. We drove into Edge Hill and then into what looked like a giant demolition site. Row upon row of terraced houses all boarded up with corrugated iron sheets, no sign of life not even passing or parked cars. I began to get nervous and asked are you sure it’s round here, yes she replied “just a bit further. So keeping one eye on the road and the other on the passengers I drove slowly on. Ten minutes later she shouted “stop stop” and even before we had fully stopped she jumped out and ran swearing and shouting towards the only house in all the dereliction that had doors and windows. The guy handed me a ten pound note as he got out and said “thanks mate that’s for you none of the local taxis will come down here” I guess that explains the airport story they gave.


Anonymous said...

was that a tenner for the whole fair ? if so did you say anything to them about the extra cash or di you just drop it

bob said...

no the tenner was a tip