Wednesday, November 23

Social signals

Four giggling schoolgirls this morning one of them points to a boy walking past, she said look at his backpack what a swot. I looked at him and could see nothing to mark him out as a swot/geek and so I asked what they meant. They told me that only swots or geeks wear their backpacks high on their back, it'’s cool to wear it as low as possible. Anyone know anymore obscure social signals.?


Cecilia said...

That is rather weird. IF the "cool" ones get to wear their pants low to show their boxers, how on earth are they supposed to show it when the backpacks are as low and on the way?!

Anonymous said...

Middle daughter is asking for some "Goodyear" trainers for Christmas.

She's fed up with the "mess" being taken out of her.

I cannot get any of them to wear a coat, it does'nt matter what the weather is, they would rather be wet than a geek.
Poor old father is a self confessed one.