Thursday, November 24


I never watch soap operas on TV I used to think of this job as kind of watching a soap opera once. You see a small part of somebody’s life and then you have to wait till you see them again for the next instalment. But with some people I found you are not just watching them you are sharing some small part of their life’s. People like Becky who I have picked up now and again over the last three or four years. Shared a little bit of her good times when she was happy in a relationship and then shared a bit of the bad times when this broke up leaving her pregnant. Took her to the hospital a few times right through her pregnancy and shared the worries and problems. I shared a bit of her pleasure in the birth of her daughter and her new found happiness in her new relationship. And now I share some of the grief at the loss of her child due to a cot death at only twenty three months.

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