Sunday, November 27

Fergal what?

How about this from Fergal Keane the BBC New York correspondent," I have frequently heard colleagues complain about the tedium of listening to various taxi drivers as they travel to and from the different airports of the world." Exposure to some of the world's great bores in confined spaces is an occupational hazard." If you read his article it seems that all we have to do is be shot and paralyzed and this will make us all a lot more interesting. I think I will just avoid BBC journalists with silly names instead.


PHOTO said...

I think the taxi driver may be the one to feel sorry for having to listen to all the pompus airbags who think they have something to say.


It's a shame he could not just tell the story without having to stereotype a whole group of working people first - it is a good anecdote about meeting a 'wiseguy' and all but sometimes I get sick of hearing the mafia being glamourised all the time..

bob said...

Yes well there are not many lifetime taxi drivers we have all got a story to tell about a previous life or career.Bit old hat american mafia, nowadays the real bad boys are now from the former eastern bloc.