Sunday, November 27


The new licensing rules for pubs and clubs came into force for this weekend this found some clubs opening until five or in the case of the local floating nightclub six am. My first casualty of the Sunday morning 8am was the young lady minus shoes or jacket cut bruised and very drunk, who said she had been thrown out at 6:30 am and had been wondering the streets since. Next was the girl who having been partying again tills 6am I took to start work at 9am doubt if she stayed there long. And finally at 5 pm there was the lady whose partner had been out till 6am this led to a big fight and her packing her bags and going home to mum.

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Bill said...

Just reading back through your blog from the very beginning and find this post and feel that now its 12 months after you wrote it its time to look at how things have changed.

In simple terms as a taxi driver you are no better off. There is still the same amount of people needing taxis but it is now spread out so you take the same amount of fares but have to work longer hours to achieve this.

Most people you take home late are those that know they have had enough and its time to leave but theres always a minority that wont leave until they`ve drank the place dry