Tuesday, April 12

Time Out

A lady who I pick up now and again asked me what the time was, I told her the correct time and she went to adjust her watch. I noticed that she set it five minutes fast. Why do that I asked "so I know the time" she said, this had me puzzled and so I asked a few more lady fares and they all seemed to think it normal quite a few said that they had different clocks and watches set either fast or slow” so they know the right time". This must be a female thing because it baffles us guys I can't figure the logic in this even the wife thinks it's perfectly normal. I wonder how many guys check the time at home and assume that the clock is set right.


Unknown said...

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Suzan Baker said...

Yes this is quite normal. There is nothing wrong if the men get ready 5 min early for everything.
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Patricia Carter said...

That's because guys are generally lazy.
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Yuvraj said...

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Shawn S Grace said...

Haha...Nice one, dear.

Keep posting such enjoyable stuff.

All the best!

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