Wednesday, June 25

New Century

I wonder when some of the private hire firms here in Barrow in Furness will wake up and realise that the turn of the century took place a whole fourteen years back now.
Some are charging the same price for Dalton and Ulverston work as was charged way back then in the dim and distant past.

Are they not building up their little empires out of the pockets of the drivers who seem to want to pay 21st century prices for fuel, insurance, repairs etc and work for 20th century prices? 

Wake up folks, get into this century, and start charging realistic fares. A race for lower fares is a race to the bottom!    


Anonymous said...

As is said, The fat cat gets fatter.

Aaron Carter said...

I would love to get a taxi for this 4th of July. It's going to be crazy and I don't want to be out driving. The streets are too packed and I don't want to worry about it.

Aaron |

Will Jenkins said...

I love reading about taxi driver experiences! I rode in a cab way back in the day and I don't remember much. I'm sure you get to see a lot of interesting things!

Will Jenkins |


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