Friday, January 3

Walney Floods 2014

Today must be the very first time that I have had to explain to customers that I couldn't take them where they wanted to go. They wanted to go to the far end of the island of Walney a place called North Scale, I had just come of the island so I knew that this would be impossible until the tide receded to clear the flooded roads.
I explained this to them but they just wouldn't believe that they couldn't get home somehow, they suggested different routes but every option they come up with I knew was flooded.
I explained that they would be okay to get home in half an hour or so but they unbelievably said "forget it we will get the bus" mmm wonder how they got on eh!   

Pictures below show just how bad it was over Walney today. 


Peggy said...

That is a whole lot of sea! Is it still bad? It seems that the tides and storm swells were worse at the weekend.

Bob Mullen said...

Not quite as bad as it was now but hoping not to get what they are getting on the Eastern side of the states at the moment. Happy new year by the way.

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