Thursday, August 15

Short Skirt = Low Fare

A council is considering urging taxi firms to provide cheaper cab fares for women who wear revealing clothes.
Brentwood Borough Council is considering the bizarre move in a bid to stop women wearing short skirts or low-cut tops becoming a target for sex attackers.
The council is considering discounted taxi prices so that 'provocatively dressed' women can be driven back home and have less of a problem getting a ride. 
So lets get this right this council wants taxi drivers to subsidise fares according to what females are wearing.
Sort of the less they are wearing then the cheaper the fare!
I wonder who would be the judge of whether the outfit they were wearing was revealing enough. Would they have to do a twirl whilst the driver decided if they looked sexy enough or would it be up to the customer to point out how short the skirt they were wearing was?
Would the other attributes of the lady be taken into account, is she attractive enough to be at risk?
And isn't this all a bit sexist, I mean do cross dressers qualify.
Maybe the term Daft as Brushes fits some of the councilors in Brentwood like a well filled padded bra.    

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1 comment:

raj said...

hang about, isn't this encouragement? what about half price kebabs for thongs on show.