Thursday, December 9

Taxis drivers remember the troubles

Taxi drivers and ex drivers from Northern Ireland talk about their experiences during the Troubles. Desperate times, you can see the raw emotion from these guys even after a few years have now passed.


John said...

Makes you happy you just have drunks and junkies to deal with.
Consider it stolen !
By the way happy Christmas

NYC taxi photo said...

Jesus indeed! that is terrifying

Tony said...

I'm a Lancashire lad but I live in Northern Ireland. I have no prejudice and can see things from both sides. It's enough to break your heart as the majority of folks over here are just normal people trying to get by and provide for their families.

Thankfully it's now much better, but the recession has come at a bad time because as things get harder it's easier for the extremists to get youngsters, who can't remember the troubles, involved.

Not everywhere is divided over here and it's a beautiful place. I'd encourage people to come and see and judge for yourselves. I feel safer here now, than I sometimes do in my native Salford.

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