Tuesday, November 17

Figuring it out

I picked up 6 girls and took them into Barrow. They asked me if I could turn the music up on the radio and so I did. My radio display is part of the cars computer and this is what is normally displayed.

To explain it a bit it shows the time, the temperature and the radio station. (The 218 miles was how much fuel I had left)

Anyway this computerised thing in the car tells you when you have a blown bulb or if your oil or coolant level is low and also tells you if your windscreen washer fluid is low.

I was really surprised to hear the girl sat in the front seat say this and I quote.
"Is there really a radio station called "Washer Fluid Level"?"

I was so surprised by what she said that I told her that there must be if that's what it said and she went on to ask me what frequency it was on. I didnt have the heart to try and attempt to explain to this dimwit that it was warning me that my washer fluid was low.

At the end of the journey I asked for an £18 fare to which she took out her mobile phone and used the calculator on it to divide the £18 into 6 people and then blurts out to everyone that it will be £3.00 each but then asked if one of her friends could check it on their phone just in case her calculator is faulty.

I`ve said it before... Some people are only alive cos its illegal to shoot them


Peggy said...

Ooh boy! She isn't very bright. I love people like that. I helps me to feel smug!

Steve said...

Bill, I laughed at first and then I felt sad.
How can we improve this world with such idiots, and they have a right to vote.

Anonymous said...

wot appened to bob

Cheryl said...

LOL!!! Hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Dear oh dear