Saturday, October 17

Thats Just Fine...

As taxi drivers who carry disabled passengers it is not always easy to find somewhere for these passengers to get in or out of our vehicles due to obstacles such as double yellow lines or cars parked on both sides of narrow roads.

What would you do? go on, answer honestly. Would you park as near to the disabled persons house as you can so as to make it easier for them even if this meant blocking a road for a few minutes or being on a double line or would you park somewhere where there is a parking space and let the disabled person walk back and you carry any shopping for them. What would you do. Lets hear some answers.

OK, so its illegal to park on a double yellow line but you would have thought that some local officials would give a little leeway to our disabled customers but in the story below, this doesnt seem to be the case. It just seems like the usual money grabbing councils are interested only in your cash and even if you have a right of appeal the chances are that your voice wont be heard. Our local council is no exception. In fact I think they are all like this.

The story is below. Double click to enlarge

Oh and on a similar note. What if the person you are picking up is not disabled. Should you park a few metres away and make them walk to your car or will they not come out the house as they cant see you parked outside.

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roca said...

The council was perfectly valid for posting a ticket on this occasion... He left his taxi unattended in a taxi rank to help someone... why didn't he move his taxi first... then he wouldnt be obstructing the other taxis behind?!?

If it was a narrow street or outside the house of a disabled person to drop off or pick up, that would be a different story... as this is a legitimate reason to help that person from the taxi to there house!

Why on earth did he leave his taxi parked in a taxi rank rather than move it... 0_o

That's my thoughts!