Saturday, October 10

Air and Water

It seems that Tesco have started charging the motorist for air and water. Well not exactly water but it seems like water, it looks like water but it has a very small hint of screen wash in it and the charge for this, £1 for an 80 second squirt of the stuff. Hopefully 80 seconds is enough to fill an empty window washer tank.

If you just want air for your tyres then it costs you 20p

The photo above is of the machine and closer look at it shows a pipe sticking out the side. Pressing a button on the pipe will send water coming out of it. This is free but the pipe is fixed so there is no way you can put it in your radiator.

Its the last time I go to Tesco for my air and water when others are supplying it free. Even the screenwash is cheaper to buy and mix with water

Double click the image to view full size


John said...

Try to support the small guy, Tesco will screw the suppliers, manufacturers and staff, don't let them screw you too

Peggy said...

I'll get free water at home. Tesco doesn't need any more of my money than it already gets. Air? I'll go for the free air as well.

alex said...

ASDA do both water and air free of charge.