Monday, August 3

Drunk and in love

Picked a fare up from the rank this weekend and took her and a mate of hers to two seperate addresses in the same area. The first person (30ish years old) who wanted dropping off was reasonably sober but the second one (about 18 years old) was well drunk.She was talking gibberish and saying that she didn't weant to go home as her boyfriend would beat her up.

I asked her Why this is likely to happen and she said that he doesnt like her going out and always beats her up everytime so I said to her "Why dont you leave him if he beats you up? and her reply.......

The classic..... "Cos I Love Him"..

For gods sake why stay in a violent relationship just because you love someone. She asked my advice and I gave it to her but she was having none of it and just wanted to go home to her man even of it meant getting a beating.

I will never understand women that stay with a violent man just because they love him or sometimes theres the other excuse, "I only stay with him cos of the kids" Anyway, she was very drunk and didnt look capable of anything and I didnt fancy dropping her off last so I told the other passenger that I would do her a deal on the fare and drop the drunk woman off first and only charge the fare to that address. It didnt bother me as I had to go past the other womans house to get back to town.

At the first woman's address it seemed to take forever whilst she got out of the car and fell into a bush in her garden. She managed to rummage up 45p for the fare.

After she got out the car I took the other woman home and asked for £7.20p which was on the meter. After rummaging through her purse she managed to come up with £6.21p and said I would have to go back for the rest tomorrow.

Not worth it for 99p so I just wrote it off and took the £6.21p ... I was just glad to have them both out the cab.

Sometimes you have to right things off otherwise you lose out more trying to fioght for your money. Its not worth the hassle... I just had horrible thoughts of dropping the drunken one off last and not getting paid at all dso £6.21p is better than nothing.

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