Tuesday, July 28

Split Personalities

This week I picked up a guy who was really very loud mouthed, drunk and stunk of stale cigarette smoke. He told me all about how he had got into a fight as he had been causing some trouble and how he made it out that it wasnt his fault. Anyway, I took the guy to his home address and dropped him off and thought no more about it.

Lets move forward about 36 hours.. I get a call to go to an address to pick a fare up. The same address I dropped this obnoxious lout off at 2 nights ago. Out he comes and gets into the car. Very smartly dressed in suit and tie and asked me to take him to his place of work. This same man was of a different character. He was polite and even gave a tip on the fare. He tells me he works for a local bank and has a wife and 2 children and that his wifes been ill. I couldnt believe it was the same person I picked up a couple of days ago.

I then brought the subject up of his night out and what an idiot he was acting. He went a deep shade of red and apologised to me for his behaviour but lets face it. We don't expect this sort of behaviour from someone in such a high stranding trustworthy job.

There are a lot of Jekyll and Hyde type characters out there and we meet them all the time. At night after having a few beers they pluck up the courage to start trouble but during the day they wouldn't say a word.

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King of New York Hacks said...

Yup . I get abot 3 or 4 of them a night on the weekends and at least one during the week...lots of phonies in the world and we see the under a microscope !