Friday, May 22

Office staff safety

Its quite disturbing and quite common to hear of assaults on taxi drivers and very rare to hear of assaults on the taxi office staff but it does happen.

As a telephonist answering the phone to a customer, what would you do if they were abusive on the phone. As for me, I wouldnt send them a cab. If they are like that on the phone then what will they be like in the cab. Safety HAS to come first.

Here is one such story. [double click the image to view full size]

What do you think. Does the punishment fit the crime. We are trying to supply a public service. If it was a police officer that was assaulted then the culprit almost certainly would have been sent down so why not for this case. We are both serving the public.

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Skyring said...

It's actually quite a reasonable penalty. No jail time, but if she breaks those curfew conditions and gets into trouble, that could change.

And a fairly stiff fine.

Hopefully it will stop her abusing people, and serve as a warning to others.