Saturday, April 11

Alone again Naturally.

Tonight I got a job to pick up a fare and so off I went to collect when 3 lads came out of a house and one of them was carrying a young girl who was so drunk that she probably wasn't aware of what was going on around her. One of the guys offered me £20 to take her home to Dalton (about 3 miles up the road) and knock on a door so someone could take her in the house.

I refused the job and said that I couldn't take her on her own due to a number of reasons. She may have been sick on the back seat was one thing that was going through my head but more importantly the thought of me taking a young girl who's totally out of it home could lead to any accusation being made and I didn't want to take that chance.

I know that the cab is kitted out with CCTV cameras but it still didn't make me think twice about this and I refused to take the fare. Who knows what innocent allegations could have been made.

As for me refusing to take her in this state then I think any other driver would have done the same


John said...

Well you do realize that there are perverts who would do just that.People will have to take responsability for themselves. If they had friends they would bring them home and they would never let them get into such a state in the first place

Skyring said...

Spot on. If the passenger has to be carried to the cab, then they don't get in.

Like as not, they'll soil the cab, fall asleep, not have any money. Or all three at once.

Not worth the hassle. Or the risk.