Tuesday, September 30

Hide and Seek.

It was a miserable midweek rainy grey late afternoon, just the sort of day when I gaze at the empty streets and speculate to myself, just where folks disappear to and just what do they get up to.
 One of the answers was revealed when I collected a flustered lady who was in a big hurry. "Where does time go" she asked "I should have been home an hour ago for the kids coming home from school." "Did you get talking?" I asked in all innocence and when she hesitated to answer I glanced in the mirror to see that she had gone a shade of beetroot red. "I was visiting my boyfriend and when I went to leave I couldn't find my jumper, I’ve only got my bra on underneath this coat." she blurted out, and then realised what she had just said. Her hand flew to her mouth and she went an even deeper shade of red. "Oh my gawd" she shrieked "you'll know what I've been doing now won't you?" Being a sophisticated man of the world I had to admit that I had a fair idea just what she had been up to. “So you lost then?” I asked, but she just looked at me blankly and going even redder replied “lost what?” “You can’t fool me” I replied “I know what you have been playing at.” The steam started to rise from her overheated face and her mouth moved but no sound come out. After leaving her to stew for a minute or two I said “Aye you’ve been playing hide and seeks with your jumper and you’re embarrassed cos you lost.


Peggy said...

Sorry - the only things I can think of are not fit to print. :-)

The Gods of comedy set up lines were there in your cab that day!

bigbikerbob said...

Hi Bob, Been there, done that, got the Tee shirt but i really have to admire your diplomacy mate.