Saturday, July 12

Fare of the Week

The "Fare of the week" award must go to a guy that I collected from Walney on Saturday. I had arrived bang on the time that he had booked his taxi and was waiting patiently outside the address. 
I could see the fare moving about inside the house and so pressed call-back to remind him that I was outside. A good five minutes later he opened his front door, as if he was about to come out, but then promptly went back inside again. I then watched in disbelief as he slowly combed his hair in the mirror and then made a snack from the fridge and sat down to slowly eat it. Finally with his hair in place and his belly full he headed towards the still open door.
 But no, when he reached the door he looked at me and pointed to his mouth, turned back and dashed back in and upstairs to brush his teeth. Some time later he strolled out and finally got into the waiting cab. As we drove toward his workplace I was stunned when he had the unbelievable cheek to say "can you put your foot down I don't want to be late for work." Needless to say my foot didn't go down at all even though I couldn't wait to get this sloth of a man out of the car. When we arrived at his workplace insult was added to injury when he was 20 pence short of the cab fare.
 Mmm some customers you can live without eh!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the cheek of that guy you picked up from Walney! You should be able to charge for excess waiting time, afterall he is stopping you earning a crust while you are sitting outside his house.

what do you think about this situation which happened to me last week. I was on the Isle of Man, for a holiday, and ordered a taxi. The taxi driver set off to where i wanted to go [which was a different way to i would have gone] and after travelling for about 5 minutes he found the road was closed, so he turned round and went all the way back and went the way i would have gone in the first place. Then he had the cheek to charge me for the extra distance when it wasn't my fault!! I wasn't best pleased.

Bob said...

Anon:Yes I should have charged him the waiting time but it wouldn't have done me a lot of good because he didn't even have enough for the fare.
The Isle of Man cabbie was bang out of order and you should have made him restart his meter when he reached the start point again. Blood y cheek eh!

Keith said...

That's precisely why I couldn't do your job. The public are such oiks.

Anonymous said...

good grief! what a loser! does your company have a certain period of time for you to wait before allowing you to drive off without picking up the fare?

Bob said...

keith:Not all folk are like that most are quite tame really.

Bob said...

taxigrrrl:We usually allow 5 or 6 minutes but when they open their door it usually means that they are coming out.