Sunday, June 1

Salthouse Mills Fire

Barrow residents in the Roose & Salthouse area were treated to another huge dose of toxic smoke and lung fulls of carcinogenic chemicals again on Sunday night. Every week we seem to be subjected to a blaze of one sort or another from this dangerous hell hole called Salthouse Mills. Sunday's huge blaze started at about 9pm and lit up the dusk sky with noxious smoke raising hundreds of feet in to the air and spreading towards the town centre. Lives were put at risk, by what sounded suspiciously like gas cylinders and petrol tanks exploding every few minutes. This place is a risk to our health, our children's especially, and as I have been saying for years needs to be demolished now.


Bill said...

I was on the radio presenting my show when I heard about this so I made a few calls to the Police Voicebank, HQ and Fire Control. The latest I got was the fire broke out at 2110hrs Sunday. 8 appliances were in attendance and they were still there with it blazing at 12.05am.

I notice recently as well that there is a locked barrier at the entrance by the Bridge. Don`t know why that's gone up but I bet it added on valuable seconds or minutes trying to get someone with a key

PS thing, when I post a message here I get a new option to do with OpenID. whats all that about then.

Anonymous said...

As ever, can't help wondering why the council don't use this site for their Wimpeyvilles instead of evicting people from perfectly good houses.

Bill, I believe those barriers are supposed to collapse under a robust onslaught from a fire engine, otherwise they are illegal. But I may be wrong.

marie said...

the barrier was put up about 3/4 weeks ago and since then there has been a few fires. i imagine whoever is starting these fires gets great pleasure in watching the fire/police crews gain access to the mills. it is not only the surrounding houses that are effected it is also the people who still have their business down the mills. i know of two people who came very close to losing their business due to the idiots who caused this fire. the worse part of all of this is that it will more than likelhy happen again and people might not be so lucky next time.

Bob said...

Bill:enitharmon:marie: The fire brigade belief it or not go all the way round and enter via the old sand pit entrance on Rampside Road. Maybe the fire engines won't go under the bridge. The site was earmarked as a wetlands nature reserve at one time but I believe the council dragged their feet in buying it, or were simply outbid. Businesses that remain down there must surely be uninsurable, apart from the fact that the owners must have problems sleeping with worry.

marie said...

well actually bill the police have got the code for the barrier and thats the way they went in on sunday night.i know this as my husband has his business in the mills. and yes you are right about the sleepless nights. we did not find out about the fire till 11.30 0n sunday was only when my husband went to the mills that night and spoke to the police did we know that his business was was not a very nice experience to think that our lively hood may be going up in smoke.not only that,my husband had to go to work today knowing there might be more explosions from the gas cylinders. luckily it was ok,but like i said before we are pretty convinced it will happen again.

Anonymous said...

Yes and then go on to demolish the rest of Barrow!