Saturday, June 21


Loads more shoppers that I pick up from local Furness supermarkets seem to be making a big endeavour to go green. More and more of them are ditching the humble plastic carrier bag and using eco-friendly reusable bags instead. Good for them, I’m all for saving the environment and I’ll gladly recycle anyone’s used cash for them, notes or coins all accepted.
 But I have found one major drawback with the new eco-bags, and I’m sure other drivers and shoppers themselves will have noticed it too. They are just too big and if they are packed right up, such as when the checkout operator packs for you, they are just too darned weighty. These bags may be eco-friendly but they sure aren’t taxi driver friendly. One such bag today was packed solely with bottles of wine and spirits, and I really did struggle to carry it. The helpful shopper, who was struggling with a four pack of loo roll, remarked “don’t drop that one it’s got £100 worth of booze in it.” Maybe she should remember the old proverb “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” eh! 
 I can foresee a problem arising with some taxi driver’s injuring their backs lugging these overweight gigantic bags. I’m wondering just who they will try to sue, the shopper, the shop or the bag maker.


Peggy said...

I made the switch myself a couple of months ago. I don't miss the blue fingertips that the plastic carrier bags cause but I understand about the heaviness. If it's too heavy, just don't lift it! You're there to drive not to be a heavy goods lifter. If they don't want to give you a tip, then nuts to 'em. They certainly wouldn't help you pay for the chiropracter if you put your back out.

Spencer said...

It's the same down here. The bag thing seems to have spread very quick. Within a few weeks it hit critical mass and everybody was using their own bags. Hardly anybody comes out with carriers bags anymore. If they do I will shame them in front of the other shoppers.