Thursday, June 12

Fuel Surcharge

I read that taxi fares in Sheffield are to have a 50p surcharge added on for each journey. Local taxi drivers here in Barrow are suffering with the scandalous fuel price rises, so maybe this could be an option here. "It means that there doesn't need to be any change to the meter- which would have to be paid for by the drivers- and if fuel drops in price - which it probably won't - then it can be reversed quite easily. I can see this being the only way forward if the government don't see sense and arrange a fuel tax rebate for taxi's, similar to the 25% which our rivals the bus company's benefit from.

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techtreat said...

Hello Bob,
I'm a student trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield doing my MA in broadcast Journalism. I'm doing a story on petrol and oil rise affecting people taxi drivers in sheffield. I was wondering if you know a taxui driver in sheffield who's badly affected and willing to speak. I'm in need of this in a hurry im afraid as im rushing against a deadline of the 2nd of july.#

Many Thanks