Saturday, May 10

Wet Patch

Being out on the road all day without any loo facilities can be a bit difficult at times. So at some point during the day most drivers can be seen dashing cross legged from the taxi and into Fell St toilets which is one of the very few public toilets left in the town. This means that the Fell St area has become a bit of a tribal gathering place for gossiping taxi drivers. 
That's when the local traffic warden is busy elsewhere that is, if not no one hangs around too long for fear of getting a parking ticket. But it seems that the plumber in charge of maintenance of the toilets has a really wicked sense of humour. The water pressure on the washbasin taps has been turned right up, and when unsuspecting visitors go to wash their hands they end up with a high pressure soaking.
 New victims are caught out hourly and it's become something of a sport to spot the red faced blokes walking out whilst trying to cover up the embarrassing wet patch in the crotch area.

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