Monday, May 5

Party Poppers

Well the bank holiday weekend turned out to be a really crazy one for me. It started off with the job from hell on Friday lunchtime. Picking up two couples from Barrow Island, and the problems began without further ado, with one guy insisting that he get in the cab with a can of lager.
 After much drunken shouting and swearing he was finally persuaded by his less inebriated pal to ditch the beer. Unfortunately the wild eyed over the top lager drinker got in the front with me and then the fun started. " To the sex shop in town and then on to Dalton" he said turning the radio up full blast. I turned the radio down and set off, before getting to town the radio was turned up by him and down by me another dozen times. We reached the sex shop, and Mr Over the top went in and I waited outside with bated breath to see what he came out with. When he emerged carrying just a small package I wrongly started to relax a little. "I've got the poppers" he announced and I had visions of party poppers exploding all over the car. "Not in here" I told him as he tore at the package "But its legal" he said over and over again as we headed towards Dalton. Next minute a phial was shoved towards my nose and Mr Over the top said "here try some."
 A vile chemical stench which they later told me was Amyl nitrite nearly knocked me out as I reeled back, head spinning. Luckily his pals realised that even though this was supposedly a legal drug, shoving it up your taxi driver’s nose at forty miles an hour might not be safe. They calmed Mr Over the top down and I grudgingly carried on to Dalton, where I was more than happy to see the back of them. After that the weekend just got madder and madder.


Paradise Driver said...

Amyli nitrate is illegal over here. Thank god.

Keith said...

Quite often bob, it's used to make muscles relax so you can push large things into tight places if you get my drift. Good job you were sitting down.

Ratty said...

That was the stupidest thing he could ever have done owing to the fact it causes some users to temporarily loses all physical control plus driving under the influence of it is likely to lead to loss of licence, i'd have booted him outta car mate... if not more

Peggy said...

I'm so pleased that you got out of that one in one piece. What idiots!

Bob said...

Wil: They say that it's soon to be banned as a known carcinogen.

Keith: I certainly do get your drift and it still makes me wince.

Ratty:Heck I could have made a mess of my drivers seat then eh!

Peggy: Idiots is about right, crazy as well.

Tom said...

I was recently threatened with redundancy but escaped and it will probably reappear. I was attracted to your profession by the stories you tell. When you look at the same faces in an office year after year the chance to get out and about is quite alluring. However this episode kind of burst the bubble.

Perhaps they should fit taxis with ejector seats, the kind of thing in Sean Connery's Aston Martin in 'Goldfinger' !!

As for the Amyl Nitrite I thought that that was a prescription drug for Angina - pretty dangerous putting that under an unsuspecting driver's nose.

Bob said...

tom:Yep an ejector seat would be a good accessory. But I must stress that folk like this are far and few between, and are a rarity during daylight hours. I would rather face the odd nutter now and again than face a life stuck in an office or factory or office. But again that's me, I guess it's not everyones cup of tea.